Posted by: rajamafool | July 21, 2010

Mormons Make Burgers

Went over to Pasadena and checked out the Arts Center where Jonny goes to school. It’s a really cool school. The equipment they have access to, and the stuff people can create there is awesome. Lots of car companies etc, put money into the school for concept designs and stuff like that. Needless to say, people there create some sick sick stuff.  Arts Center had tons of hot girls, and tons of hot Asian girls.  Bonus.

The three of us decided to stop at In-N-Out on the way back. YES.  In-N-Out is awesome for anybody who doesn’t know. It’s simple inside, all red and white colors, and their menu only consists of hamburgers, cheese burgers, double double (double cheese burger), shakes, fries, and soda. Keep it simple but do it right and well. Everything is fresh too, nothing frozen which is a bonus.

They also have a secret menu which is pretty awesome, and Animal Style is delicious (say Jonny and Mike, I didn’t try it). Their workers also wear only white and these red aprons that are held together by a GIANT clothes pin. It’s actually kinda hilarious to see the guys wear this. For hats they either wear these 50’s style paper hats or these sweet sweet all foam baseball hats that make you look like you’re seven.

Anyways, the food is good, like a better McDonalds, much better. In-N-Out was started by Mormons so it’s a little weird, because on the underside of every cup is a bible passage. Ours had John 3:16. We got our food and started to eat and that’s when ridiculousness started to happen. LA shit is CRAZY.

We started to hear screaming, and I was the only one facing the situation. The booth behind us had a mom, and her two sons, one nine the other 11 or 12. The 12 year-old started screaming as if all hell was breaking loose. ALL HELL. He just kept yelling and crying. I watched his mother pry him out from the booth in a massive rage, literally pry him out of the booth. He was hanging on, kicking and screaming, for dear life, as if he was getting ripped into the air by a twister. His mom was PISSED. She dragged him outside, as everyone in the restaurant had turned to look at this scene.

I joked about the mom going to beat her son, but then realized it could be a reality. The little brother got up and went to the door of the In-N-Out and took a look at the situation and then walked back to the table shaking his head. After finishing his food, he asked for a box, packed up his mom and his brothers food, took the drinks, and walked out of the place. When we left we saw the older boy sitting on some grass in the parking lot as the mom rearranged the car. This entire scene, was just absolutely nuts, a 12 year-old boy screaming like he’s getting beaten and his mom flipping shit. The only thing we actually heard the 12 year-old say is, in a very whiny voice “I don’t want to go to In-N-Out”.

We talked about the entire thing once we got back into the car, and in the end it was kinda sad. I mean if the kid was autistic, or had aspergers it would have been one thing, but the mom flipped her shit which made us think that she literally had zero patience for her kid. Granted the kid was being completely ridiculous but still. What was even worse was the fact that the younger brother wasn’t the one flipping out, and acted like the entire situation was common place. I mean for fucks sake, he sat there, finished his meal, and then boxed up the rest of the food as if nothing had happened. Nuts, and sad.

We pulled up to a Chevron to get some smokes and Mike just says in a whiny voice “but I don’t want to go to Chevron”. Priceless.



  1. in and out rocks.
    fuck animal style.
    crunchy onion is where it’s at

    • For a second I felt bad about mimicking a kid who somehow found a way to be so unhappy at in-n-out, but it had to be done.

      • agreed.

  2. John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”


  3. i was considering going to art center for my mfa. good school.

  4. Khopkar i think you need to come up with a “bonus” system. hot girl = bonus. asian hot girl = double bonus. fresh food = triple bonus. fresh food served by hot asian girl = holy grail.

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